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Website Audits & Analytics in Nottingham

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In-depth Web Audits & Analytics

Web audits and analytics are a crucial part of maintaining and monitoring your website’s efficiency and performance over time.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to forget to keep on top of their website, often forgetting to examine the website and see how to improve their engagement and user retention.

At Studio Seventeen we offer thorough and constructive web audits on existing sites and designs. We also deliver regular analytics reports on the efficacy of your website, with our recommendations for improvements and essential changes.

Web analytics are about more than just numbers and figures, they can provide the necessary steps to improving your site’s performance, speed, content quality and user engagement. We offer a comprehensive service, from audit to report, ensuring that you know what’s happening with your site every step of the way.

Studio Seventeen Website Audits & Analytics

Website Audits

A website audit can be a valuable tool in changing, maintaining and improving your site. Our team can cast critical eyes over the performance, user journey, visual quality and overall feel of your site, testing everything from your loading speed to any broken links.

Data Tracking

Being able to examine the exact user journeys and flow of traffic to your site is a vital tool in appraising its performance. At Studio Seventeen, we install Google Analytics on every site we build and offer dedicated data tracking services to relay essential reports and information back to our clients every month.


Compiling reports of analytics and data can be a laborious and complicated process. We can provide comprehensive and detailed reports of your website’s performance, as well as providing suggestions for improvement within a timeframe that suits your business goals and requirements.

Start Your Project

If you’re looking to invest more time into improving your site, or you want to find out more about how Studio Seventeen can help your site’s performance, get in touch today.

Web audits,analytics,website audits,website analytics,Google analytics
Web audits,analytics,website audits,website analytics,Google analytics
Web audits,analytics,website audits,website analytics,Google analytics


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