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Branding,re-branding,brand design,brand identity,brand strategy

Creative Branding Services 

Branding lives at the heart of your business. It represents the best of your organisation and allows customers to identify your company for its products, services and expertise.

Successful branding enables you to become recognisable in your field, instills credibility in your customers and can facilitate reaching new markets and audiences online and off.

At Studio Seventeen, we believe that branding can either make or break a business, so it’s important to get it right. We work with our clients to establish a clear vision for their brand, using our proficiency and creativity to bring their ideas to life. With years of experience in branding, digital design and creative artworking, our brand designs can transform your business and make a real statement.

Studio Seventeen Branding Services

Brand Identity

A brand identity is a visual representation of a business’s core values. Studio Seventeen can work with you to create a solid brand identity that describes who you are, the history of your company and your goals for the future. We help businesses build their brand personality online and offline, from business cards through to full brand style guidelines.

Logo Creation

A logo identifies your business and represents everything your brand encompasses. We understand the importance of a logo, which is why Studio Seventeen offers a thorough brand consultation and development process when designing and developing a logo, delivering a tailor-made design solution that reflects your business and brand identity.

Style Guidelines

A brand needs to be consistent across all platforms, and a style guide can help to achieve that. With clear advice on how to correctly apply your branding, style guidelines safeguard your brand both on and offline. We can build up style guidelines from scratch, keeping your business up-to-date on the ins and outs of the branding process, providing you with all the tools to keep quality, consistent branding your customers will recognise.

Our Branding Work

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Branding,re-branding,brand design,brand identity,brand strategy
Branding,re-branding,brand design,brand identity,brand strategy
Branding,re-branding,brand design,brand identity,brand strategy


We can expertly design anything from a logo through to a complete website


We develop brands that produce results, and websites rich in user experience


We can promote your business online using the latest digital tools and best practices


We can provide valuable support for your website, brand positioning and strategy