Brand auditing, rebranding and brand refresh services from Studio Seventeen

Rebranding is the process of changing the corporate image of a company or organisation.

Over time, branding styles and design trends change, and it can be easy to feel left behind by the crowd. Alternatively your business may have evolved beyond its current branding, and is in need of a new identity to better reflect its values.

Studio Seventeen have extensive experience working with a variety of different brands. As one of Nottingham’s top branding agencies, we know how to transform your brand into something innovative, modern and professional through our creative rebranding process.

Our specialist branding experts will audit your brand and illustrate any areas of improvement that we can support. Audits are a useful tool for gaining deeper insights and understanding into a brand’s message, allowing us to carry them through into the new brand identity.

Working with our studio, your brand will be refreshed and redesigned, reflecting the new goals and values of your company as well as the trends of the industry and your target user. We’ll provide new style guidelines to help protect, maintain, safeguard and upkeep your new brand identity across every platform, medium and marketplace.

What We Can Do For You

  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Audience & Goals
  • Collateral Redesign

Why Choose Studio Seventeen for your Next Branding Project

We’re a versatile team that will work with you, not for you

We fuse together technical development and creative design

We’re ambitious, but realistic, in our vision and delivery

Our client collaborations are built upon trust and transparency

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