A diverse and dynamic brand and website for Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association

Project Overview

Open Access Scholarly Association (OASPA) is a membership organisation serving a diverse global community of organisations engaged in open scholarship.

Their membership includes scholar-led and professional publishers of books and journals, across varied geographies and disciplines, as well as infrastructure and other services.

Studio Seventeen worked with OASPA to create a new and improved digital brand identity to enhance brand visibility. We redesigned their website to improve the user experience, increasing membership and supporter growth.

Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association

Open Access Scholarly Association – OASPA – wanted to refresh their digital presence through a rebrand. Through a series of workshops, we identified that diversity and equitable access were the most important aspects OASPA wanted to highlight to their audience.

Studio Seventeen delved deep into the OASPA brand values and messaging, interpreting this information to conceptualise a new, scalable visual identity that focuses on layers of information and graphical elements. This created a visual language rich in colour and texture.

Accessible and Future-Focussed

One of OASPA’s main requirements for their rebrand was functionality, clear presentation, and high accessibility standards. We ensured all assets were compliant with WCAG AA standards, including colour palette combinations, typography choices and UI elements.

A New Era of Open Access

The logo was updated and refreshed to meet accessibility standards. It was redesigned to ensure scalability across different digital devices, existing in an array of different formats for different applications.
Using shapes from the OASPA logo in tandem with imagery inspired by science, technology and the natural world, the future of open access is explored to represent the global spectrum of stakeholders.

Designing an Exceptional User Experience

User experience was paramount for the new website design. The previous OASPA website was outdated and in need of a refresh and restructure to meet the requirements of their users. Through a series of workshops and meetings, Studio Seventeen proposed an enhanced website infrastructure in line with the KPIs that would inform the success of the new website.

Highlighting areas such as members, events and resources, layouts were informed by the newly introduced branding language in combination with the futuristic library of photography and colour palette.

OASPA: The Future of Open Access

The website is brought alive through branded imagery, a vibrant colour palette and clear typography. Much of the content was brought over and implemented into automated feeds to allow for easier management and to ensure that the website does not remain static. The overhaul has resulted in a comprehensive re-organisation of their web pages, creating engaging user journeys that allows users to easily find the information they require.

Studio Seventeen have been fantastic to work with! They have worked diligently to bring our vision for a new and improved website to life, whilst migrating some of our original content and maintaining our user journey.

Studio Seventeen were comfortable in explaining technical terms and processes that were outside the skillset of our team, never assuming our level of knowledge, and always willing to answer our questions. The team were flexible on how we worked together and kept the project on track with regular updates and check-ins.

OASPA Website Walkthrough

OASPA Membership

One of the key areas of the website was to allow users an easier way to become a member through a form. Studio Seventeen greatly improved this user flow to allow auto-save forms, user account areas and greater control over the publishing of member details by the OASPA team. Integration of member details and dynamic content has made the member management process much easier for the OASPA team to manage and straightforward for users to access.

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