MLC: Digital Learning Platform

Partnering with MLC to create an industry-leading global learning platform

Project Overview

Music Learning Collective are an inclusive, community-based centre of excellence for aspiring musicians of all ages and abilities.

With academies across the world, their approach to music tuition helps students enjoy a fun, interactive and creative musical education. MLC have developed an online campus for an unrivalled digital learning experience.

Studio Seventeen worked alongside Music Learning Collective to build and develop an interactive and immersive online digital campus experience. Students are able to subscribe to music lessons and earn real qualifications through accredited courses, gaining support from real teachers and professionals to aid their music journey.

MLC: Digital Learning Platform

The MLC: Digital Learning Platform site is a fully functioning virtual space, optimised for accessible learning and intuitive user engagement. Students can attend lectures and seminars, watch performances and submit content, and complete accredited courses with one-to-one online tuition from real teachers and players. It is a fully immersive online experience.

Having previously worked with MLC on their Music Learning Collective project to establish their branding and website, we were able to collaborate with them seamlessly alongside their new venture. We worked to strategise the project’s vision, aims, and timeline, realising the bespoke functionality needed to fulfil the website’ s requirements.

It's Time to Get Loud

Unleash Your Potential with MLC

With a heavy focus on music, performance and energy, Studio Seventeen created an online platform for students to enjoy and engage with. Through high-quality photography, moving assets, embedded video content and engaging UX design, we were able to create a website that reflects the MLC: Digital Learning Platform vision.

MLC: Digital Learning Platform website | Studio Seventeen Ltd.

Learn Your Own Way

The MLC: Digital Learning Platform website required integration with a learning management system to organise the course content, as well as the ability for users to subscribe and buy course content. Membership integration allows the users to interact with members-only content using a subscription model.

Users have the option to enrol in a music lesson or even a higher education diploma, where they can receive an accredited university-level qualification. Students can upload their playing to receive feedback from teachers and peers, or enjoy dedicated one-to-one lessons with highly skilled professionals.

The team at Studio Seventeen are incredible! Their insights into branding, graphic/web design & development are second to none and they've certainly increased MLC's profile beyond recognition, in terms of how we now present ourselves commercially. They're great to work with, they have a real attention to detail, and their ideas are always engaging, inspiring and invaluable. Compared to other design agencies, I'd defy anyone to find better!

The Ultimate Online Music Campus

The interactive virtual campus was a core feature of the website build, highlighting different areas of the site that could be entered, engaged with and used by the students. From the Virtual Arena to the Listening Booths and the Seminar Rooms, Studio Seventeen was able to build a number of spaces that reflected the physical campus experience.

digital, campus, MLC: Digital Learning Platform
Listening Booths
Lecture Theatre
Seminar Rooms
Exhibition Hall
Assessment Room
Music Production
digital, campus, MLC: Digital Learning Platform

Online, Anywhere with Music Learning Collective

As a functional learning platform, the student user was at the core of the website development. The courses and programmes required pages that were rich in information and promoted engaging and accessible user experiences to carve each student pathway.

With industry-leading tools and resources, students can take control of their learning like never before. Interactive video content allows students to interact real-time with tutorials and sheet music from multiple different video angles to enrich the learning experience at their own pace.

The MLC: Digital Learning Platforn project is ever-expanding. Studio Seventeen is looking forward to continue to design, develop, promote and support their content as the platform evolves.

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