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A Year of Studio Seventeen

For Studio Seventeen, 2018 was an amazing year. Over the past 12 months, we worked with an array of clients, took on some new members of staff and created some of our best pieces of work! Last January, we started by rearranging our studio to make the most of ourContinue reading

3 Free Online Tools You Should Be Using

We would like to share three tools that we find invaluable for day-to-day productivity in our studio. They are useful across many different industries and can help companies manage their time more efficiently and make processes run smoothly. Best of all – all of these are free for anyone toContinue reading

Time To Unfold: The Myth of ‘Above The Fold’ Content In Digital Design

Based on a website found and loved by Studio Seventeen, the debate of ‘above the fold’ design has been a big topic of conversation here in the studio. For some designers, the ATF principle is their first rule of design, placing every piece of important content above the bottom ofContinue reading