Nottingham City Guitars

A website for Nottingham’s leading vintage guitar shop


The shop acts just like a catalogue, enabling customers to browse the stock, make an enquiry through the online product forms or simply give the shop a call to discuss the product in more detail. There are various ways to search through the stock such as by brand or by type product typet.

By maintaining the site, updating products and constant SEO updates we have helped Nottingham City Guitars rise higher and higher naturally in the Google rankings. Search ‘Nottingham Guitars’ and see for yourself.


Not only does Nottingham City Guitars sell quality vintage guitars, but they also have a unique workshop where they are able to provide a professional repair and restoration service.

The workshop was an important requirement for the site. It plays a prominent part within the website to inform customers what services are offered, accompanied by photographs of work that has been undertaken.


Email Campaigns

Studio Seventeen build bespoke email campaigns for Nottingham City Guitars, which are populated with content every few months.

The campaigns generate some invaluable statistics, allowing us and our clients to track what recipients are clicking. Combined with Google Analytics, this enables us to analyse user data and inform us how pages within the website are performing.

After floundering with our own web design we finally went to the professionals at Studio Seventeen. They quickly developed an in-depth understanding of our product – vintage guitars – and were pro-active in developing the brief and website design. They provided valuable positive input & comment on presentation, photography, advertising and copy. Our new website was well received by customers, easy to navigate and an excellent showcase for our guitars & services.

Andy Avison, Owner, Nottingham City Guitars