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Janno Media are a creative team that specialise in video production, with expertise in communications and a talent for film-making and story-telling.

We were contacted by Janno Media to rebuild their website and improve their site speed. Using a lightweight WordPress theme, we integrated bespoke styling and refreshed the design, colours and typography to better reflect their business. After re-structuring the homepage, we added in new pages, new galleries and a blog. We currently maintain the website for Janno Media on a monthly basis.

Thank you for all your help. The site is looking great, and we have managed to do some minor edits without breaking anything! The new editor is much faster/easier to use than the one we were stuck with before, and the site speed is definitely better, so I believe we have met our objectives! Thank you for your great work and ongoing support.

– Janno Media

Janno Media

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