Studio Seventeen E-Waste Policy

Electrical Waste and Electronic Equipment Policy

Last updated: November 2021

As a business specialising in the design and development of websites, Studio Seventeen relies heavily on a number of electronic devices in order to operate. In line with our endeavours to be more sustainable, we take responsibility for the correct use, repair and disposal of any E-Waste that our business consumes.

As part of our pledge to responsibly manage our electronic equipment, Studio Seventeen commits to the following:

  • We will purchase refurbished or second-hand equipment where possible.
  • Supporting the UK’s Right to Repair law, we will strive to repair and maintain any equipment or devices in house wherever it is possible and safe to do so. Alternatively, we will endeavour to have items repaired by specialists if it is practical and cost-effective.
  • Where an electronic device cannot be repaired, we pledge to ensure the safe and correct disposal of the item following Nottingham City Council’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment disposal guidelines.

We also seek to reduce as much excess energy consumption as possible from our electronic devices when we are not using them. The ways in which we do this are as follows:

  • Ensuring regular maintenance of our devices so they perform at an optimum level.
  • Only using the overhead lights in our office when there is insufficient light.
  • Operating devices/appliances in energy saving mode wherever possible.
  • Turning off our hot water heater when not in use.
  • Placing our computers and devices in ‘sleep’ mode when not in use.
  • Turning off all devices at the end of each working day.
  • Turning off all plug sockets (excluding our small fridge) at the end of each day.

We aim to comply with this E-Waste policy as part of our continued shift towards a more sustainable working environment, for both our employees and our clients. We will be continuously monitoring and reviewing this policy to ensure we are maintaining a high level of sustainability to the best of our abilities.

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