The Man Behind Studio Seventeen’s Mural: Sam B

Studio Seventeen blog (image of man against painted mural wall)

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Sam B is an illustrator from Bristol whose work is predominantly focused on his bold colours and unique characters.

We saw Sam’s work online and knew he’d do an incredible job creating a mural on our back wall to bring the whole studio alive! After designing a personalised mural for Studio Seventeen, it has been exciting watching this incredible project unfold.

Visit Sam’s Instagram account.

Describe yourself in a sentence

A freelance illustrator who is passionate about the work and projects he engages with.

How did you get into illustration?

I had known from a young age that I wanted to become an illustrator as I always showed a strong interest in old illustrations found in books and encyclopaedias and also the quirky characters drawn up in early morning cartoons. it was only when I discovered that people actually get to do this as a job that I really started to pursue it as anything other than a passion.

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Why Studio Seventeen?

Working alongside Studio Seventeen I really got to see and understand their core values of design and their dedication and hard work applied to each brief or job they take on. This was a really positive experience for me as these are similar values that I want to hold high within my own practice.

Hobbies and interests

I have a strong passion for film and other forms of visual storytelling and frequently find myself getting lost within the worlds created by directors and writers. I also enjoy finding time to engage with my own personal illustration projects.

Fun fact about you

When I was a kid I was third best at backstroke in the South West.

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Favourite colour


How would you describe the colour pink to an alien from a colourless planet?

It’s a delicate yet bold colour that conjures up images of playfulness and fun.

mural,studio seventeen mural,studio seventeen office,nottingham mural,studio seventeen nottingham

This is important – which Hogwarts house are you in?

Hufflepuff.. they’re the cool ones right?

What album would you put on our jukebox?

Radiohead – In Rainbows. Whenever I need to knuckle down to work this album always helps with that, I think it would be pretty hard work to beat this album in my eyes.

Find out more about Studio Seventeen’s internship process here.

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