Studio Seventeen’s Goals for 2022

Studio Seventeen's Goals for 2022 | Studio Seventeen

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Nikki McCaig

Nikki McCaig

Marketing Executive

In 2021, Studio Seventeen set out to become more sustainable, to grow as a company and to explore how our website could truly reflect our services and our ambitions.

These core goals helped to guide us through several difficult lockdowns, remote working challenges and some incredibly busy periods, and we’re so proud of everything we achieved last year.

A Recap on Studio Seventeen in 2021:

  • We took part in Grads4Nottm 2021, helping us to begin our sustainability journey
  • We welcomed several exciting new clients
  • We worked on some large-scale projects (keep your eyes peeled for more information about this in 2022)
  • We redeveloped and redesigned our services and our website
  • We refocused our marketing plans and digital outreach
  • We welcomed in new members to our team
  • We gained several new office pets!
  • We joined the NTU Sustainability Lab
  • And finally, we experienced our best summer yet for Studio Seventeen.

It was a big, eventful and surprising year for us all, and we’re so grateful for everyone who helped us, worked with us or simply found us over the past twelve months.

But it’s a brand new year and we’ve been able to bring in 2022 in style, with even more exciting goals, plans and milestones to reach this year!

Our Studio Seventeen Goals for 2022:

  • To take on more of our ‘dream clients’
  • Recently, we worked with Suzy Rai from The Big House to help us re-evaluate and re-discover our brand, as well as our dream business client. She helped us to map out the work we love to do and the clients we love to work for, and joined us in developing a great strategy to reach out and engage with our potential client base in a new way this year.

    Now we’re ready to seek out the clients we truly want to work with, in the industries we admire. So if you’re looking for a friendly, creative agency to help deliver your next digital project – get in touch!

  • To establish ourselves as a sustainable local agency
  • We spent a lot of 2021 teaching ourselves about what sustainability really means and how we can change the way we work to help support our eco-friendly goals. But now we’re ready to get to work and make some real changes for our clients, our team and our office. From looking into greener e-waste policies and hosting providers to consciously swapping out our office products for more sustainable alternatives, we want to lead by example when it comes to caring for the earth in the digital space.

  • To get back out into the community
  • With the restrictions easing – hopefully for good – we’re ready to catch up on all of the events we missed in 2021! From networking events and NTU exhibitions to presentations and in-person client meetings, we want to do our best as a local employer to help support our fellow Nottingham businesses as well as try and get back to normal again.

    If you’ve got a local event coming up you think we’d love to attend – let us know!

  • To continue our strong relationships with our clients
  • As an agency, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We believe in working alongside them from the very start of their project, and keeping them happy long after their web launch or print date. Our clients become part of our identity as a business and in 2022, we want to do our best to uphold these great relationships with clients – new and old.

  • To share more of our insights and knowledge with the digital community
  • Studio Seventeen comes from a variety of backgrounds and we have a whole host of different skills, abilities and talent within our office – so in 2022, we want to share more of our tips, advice, expertise and insights online! From our social media posts to our email newsletters to our monthly blog posts, we plan to reveal some of our best-kept trade secrets and insider knowledge online; so make sure you keep up to date with Studio Seventeen this year.

We’re so excited to see what 2022 will bring for Studio Seventeen, and we can’t wait to get stuck into some great new projects!

What do your 2022 business goals look like?

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