Studio Seventeen’s 2021 in Numbers

Studio Seventeen's 2021 in Numbers | Studio Seventeen

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Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

Digital Creative

Over the past twelve months, the Studio Seventeen office has gone through some significant changes, working with some exciting new clients, setting up some challenging new goals and introducing new members to our office.

We’ve created some bespoke and beautiful new projects for our clients, helped businesses find and develop their brand identity and worked with some incredible names to produce amazing results. It’s not been an easy year, but it’s been great to push ourselves creatively for our clients.

However, through both remote working in lockdown and our return to the office, we’ve drunk a lot of coffee, put in some serious Slack time and amassed a slightly worrying collection of houseplants, so we felt it was time to count up our stats for Studio Seventeen’s 2021.

Professional Stats

Studio Seventeen has had a really exciting year when it comes to our new projects, on top of remodelling our site, re-establishing our core services and gaining a deeper understanding of the work we do. We delved into the world of sustainable print design, branched out with a new greener host provider and worked with some great brands and businesses on their digital needs.

  • Number of new websites launched: 7
  • Number of clients worked with: 23
  • Number of brand identities created: 5
  • Number of Slack messages sent: 25,365
  • Number of hours logged in Toggl: 926
  • Number of client meetings: 63
  • Number of emails sent by the entire team: 2644

Studio Successes

Although we spent half of the year in our home office, we still managed to stay connected – sharing some of the highs and lows of working from home, running office quiz nights and introducing some new furry friends to Studio Seventeen!

Once we returned to the studio, we began exploring new ways to make our space and our business more sustainable, and have been actively working to change and evolve our processes for the better.

  • Days spent in lockdown: 162
  • Number of studio house plants kept alive in 2021: 33
  • Number of new studio pets: 3 (Gizmo, Sonny and Holly!)
  • Number of coffees made: 679
  • Number of stretches completed through Codo (Our Slack health bot): 949

Marketing Successes

This year, we also worked to create a new strategy for our social media presence. With more resources than ever available to us, we poured more effort and more authenticity into our marketing and it’s helped us to deliver some great results. From our new email marketing strategy to our glossy website updates to our new social media process, we’re really enjoying sharing the insights of our office with you.

  • Number of social media posts shared: 262
  • Number of email campaigns delivered: 6
  • Number of blog posts published: 8
  • Number of likes on Instagram: 900
  • Number of Instagram stories shared: 91

Personal Achievements

Each and every member of Studio Seventeen has gone through some changes and developments over the past twelve months, whether it’s been starting a new role, making a big life change, learning a new skill or making a new commitment.

Nikki: Taking our social media strategy in a new direction and beginning an email marketing strategy.

Rebecca: Learning more about graphic design and helping the office to become more aware of sustainability.

Ayesha: Starting a new job here at Studio Seventeen and learning first-hand, how a professional design agency works successfully.

Gareth: Having our most successful year as a company, managing to work effectively at home and working on a new growth strategy for 2022. And all this while bringing up a very energetic Bracco puppy!

Chloe: Adapting to a new working environment in our studio and at home, and helping to put together our sustainability pledge.

Thanks for following us at Studio Seventeen over the past year. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings, and we’re ready for the new year!

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