Our Work Experience At Studio Seventeen

Our Work Experience At Studio Seventeen | Studio Seventeen

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Nikki McCaig

Nikki McCaig

Marketing Executive

Last month, we invited two interns from a local secondary school in Nottingham to come and work in our studio for a week, experiencing life in the studio and learning a little more about what we do and the skills we have.

Throughout the week, they got the chance to learn about some of the tools and software we use on a daily basis, find out more about our office routines and responsibilities, and gain a sense of working life in the creative industry.

At the end of their experience, we asked them to write up some of their thoughts on the week, and share them in the form of a Studio Seventeen blog post.

Here are our interns’ thoughts on their time at Studio Seventeen:

What we have learnt this week at Studio Seventeen

In our time doing work experience with Studio Seventeen, we have learnt lots of useful skills and techniques and tried new apps such as Adobe Illustrator. We also had much more freedom and creativity here compared to at school, which really added to the whole experience and made it more exciting.

First of all, on Monday we learnt some new skills in Adobe Photoshop such as how to edit pictures to look natural and not overly saturated. Then we planned a photo shoot – that we would do throughout the week – by noting down ideas about what we were going to take pictures of and the angles we would take them from, e.g. the bookcase from an ant’s eye viewpoint. Finally, we took a look at the Studio Seventeen Instagram account and commented on any improvements that could be made as well as the positives that were already there.

On Tuesday, we did the photoshoot that we had planned the day before using plenty of different angles, areas of the room, and objects, even ones that Studio Seventeen hadn’t tried yet! After lunch, we then had a go at using Adobe Illustrator to create some designs of our own and experiment with the various tools using some tutorials on YouTube.

First thing on Thursday morning, we carried on creating some interesting designs in Illustrator and even made a tutorial later on in the afternoon. We then thought about some ideas as to what Studio Seventeen could add to their Instagram account to improve it even further (like adding mood boards of their ideas before each new project they start) and we pitched these ideas to Gareth.

– Student 1

Starting off on Monday, we learnt multiple different skills such as learning how to use photoshop and having the ability to understand why different websites having their own theme is so important.

We went into clear detail on how to use Adobe Photoshop and how to use different techniques in Photoshop to create a good edit out of the photo. It was amazing to have the freedom to do what we wanted to do without needing to worry about our normal school schedules.

In the afternoon, we audited the Studio Seventeen Instagram account, giving our own opinions on what we loved and what could be improved and added.

At the end of Monday, we planned out some ideas for the photoshoot later in the week. We thought (and did simple notes) about which areas of the studio would create good photos and used different types of objects which are in the studio. Examples of different camera angles we used are bird’s eye view, droplets of water on leaves, ant’s eye view etc. I was able to learn some new techniques, which could be turned into good pictures. For example I never knew you could take good pictures with a pool table, a cue and a ball. As well as simple pictures of business cards (which I learned could be used on websites).

On Tuesday, we started the morning by taking multiple pictures in different areas of the two room studio using our notes from Monday. This really helped me improve my skills on not only editing the pictures but also using a DSLR camera. Using the camera I could finally understand how to blur the background of pictures and how to use the lighting to our advantage to create successful pictures.

In the afternoon we started to train ourselves on Illustrator. I used different videos on YouTube to gain some inspiration for ideas such as this sushi (can be seen below). From the video I was able to learn how to use Offset path, the 3D tool and multiple shortcuts on a Mac.

However, there were multiple mistakes I made throughout the day using Illustrator. An example of this was that there was meant to be a second sushi graphic which didn’t end up working out. I instead chose to enhance my original design and add my own unique details such as the chopsticks and the word ‘sushi’.

Sushi Graphic Created By Our Interns | Studio Seventeen

Overall, it’s been a great week and we’ve learned so much in our time here.

– Student 2

We’ve had a great time working with our interns this week and we hope they’ve enjoyed getting to know our team and our studio! They’ve been working on a number of projects and ideas that will be showing up on our social feed over the next few months so make sure you keep your eyes peeled to see what they’ve been up to!

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