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New Intern | Studio Seventeen

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Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

Digital Creative

Meet our intern, Ayesha. Ayesha is studying Graphic Design and Communication at the University of Leeds, and has been interning with Studio Seventeen since August.

Ayesha has been getting stuck into everything from brand photography for our website to helping out around the studio.

Find out more about Ayesha in our interview below.

Hi! I’m Ayesha and have been interning with Studio Seventeen for a couple months as part of my degree’s placement year. I study Graphic Design and Communication at the University of Leeds and have been lucky enough to work for Studio Seventeen as their creative intern.

Throughout my time at the Studio I’ve been able to engage in tasks where my skill and interest excels. Photography is a passion of mine, so to get to do this in a professional workplace for Studio Seventeen’s website has been an insightful and rewarding experience. As a student wondering about future employment and career goals, this internship has solidified my aspirations to be a Graphic Designer and proves that with hard work and individuality, a single idea can grow to become a successful business.

Describe yourself in a sentence:

A slightly problematic 20 year old, gradually making my way through life.

Tell us about your practice:

My favourite projects tend to be based on editorial photography and abstract graphics, however, as a young designer, I am still finding my area of expertise within Graphic Design.

How did you get into Design?

Throughout school a lot of subjects bored me massively, I could and did achieve high grades and so was uncomfortably pushed to pursue academic subjects. Obviously I said absolutely not and took the creative route. I started to focus on what I wanted to learn and so decided to study design A-Levels that actually engaged and interested me. Regrettably I did take maths too but purely to help find my way into a good university.

Why did you choose Studio Seventeen?

To be honest, after enquiring at nearly every design agency in Nottingham, Studio Seventeen was the only company to respond and willing to take on an intern. Nevertheless, this opportunity was a stroke of luck as I’ve been welcomed in by everyone here and am so glad to be working with the Studio. From the insanely designed studio to the existing employees, I couldn’t be happier with my Placement.

Favourite colour(s)?

Changes nearly daily, but I do love indigo tones especially with high contrast fluorescent colours layered over top. I’m a designer so naturally I like most colours in the right setting.

If you had to pick one font to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My go-to is always Helvetica Neue, although if I had to choose one for life it would be Museo Sans, definitely a strong favourite.

How would you describe Studio Seventeen pink to an alien that has never seen colour before?

This is a tricky one. Pink to me is the colour of powerful women and kind souls, it’s engaging and energetic. If you listen to The Difference by Flume and Toro y Moi, that sounds like the colour pink to me or ‘Baby’ by Four Tet.

What annoys you more than anything else?

I could write you a list.

This is important – which Hogwarts house are you in?

Gryffindor. As a Brit, I feel like its a rite of passage to take the official Pottermore Quiz, actually I’ve done it twice with two email addresses JUST to be sure.

Finally, what album would you put on our Jukebox?

Album wise, Easy Life is definitely a good one (any of the mixtapes). Realistically you’d just whack a playlist on, my current one is called moodygroovy. If I had to list my favourite songs it would be endless, not a fan of the favourite music question. If I get asked in person I tend to just throw my spotify in their face.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ayesha as much as we enjoyed having her as a part of our team!

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