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Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts

Creative Director

Meet our intern, Ruby. Ruby graduated from University of the West of England with a BA degree in Fine Art, and has been interning with Studio Seventeen since August.

She’s been getting her hands stuck into everything from WordPress design and photography to social media and marketing.

Find out more about our intern Ruby in the interview below, and give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Describe yourself in a sentence

An alright, bearable person who’s just trying to keep busy by surrounding herself with interesting people and projects!

Describe your practice:

Ultimately, I worked with performance and live-art. I’m interested in participation and interaction also, and I guess that’s why I enjoy Communications and Social Media!

How did you get into design?

I’ve always worked more with a Fine Art approach in my practice. But, I’d say in my final project for University, I became interested in graphic design and social media through a Live-Art Installation.

Why Studio Seventeen?

I like what it stands for regarding being an independent, creative and inspiring company, and it really shows that if you work hard enough and focus, you can make things happen for yourself (plus the studio space is pretty amazing and all the free coffee is a bonus!).

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Hobbies and interests

Reading Ali Smith books, viewing galleries, pub, annoying friends by insisting we spend ‘quality time’ together..sarcastically.. obviously?

Fun fact about you

I wake up every morning having remembered at least one dream from the night before (and insist on telling everyone I see that day about it)

Favourite colour

Blush Red and Emerald Green (not particularly together)

How would you describe the colour pink to an alien from a colourless planet?

Like eating Skittles whilst listening to Wham!

This is important – which Hogwarts house are you in?

Gryffindor, obviously! Although recently a Buzzfeed quiz told me Ravenclaw and Pottermore told me Hufflepuff…

What album would you put on our jukebox?

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love, hmm except Babooshka isn’t on that one, so would have to be Never for Ever also.

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