Developing an Interactive Digital Campus with Music Learning Collective

MLC: Digital Learning Platform | Studio Seventeen Ltd.

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Nikki McCaig

Nikki McCaig

Marketing Executive

Over the past two years, Studio Seventeen has been working on an incredible web design and development project with Music Learning Collective (MLC)

Working together with MLC, Studio Seventeen has been tasked to develop a unique, interactive online campus.

With a vision to develop a digital learning platform for music students of any age and ability, the MLC website is a fully-fledged educational campus, complete with a lecture theatre, seminar room, listening booths, a library, and even a bar. Supported by a number of industry-leading partners, such as RSL, Lâg Guitars and Natal Drums, the collective has built up a school of expert tutors, online resources, video tutorials and certifications to help students everywhere become fully-qualified musicians.

The Brief

Studio Seventeen was initially approached by the Music Learning Collective in 2019 and tasked to create a space to highlight some of their fundamental courses and learning experiences for MLC Academy. We were asked to build a colourful, unique and personalised brand identity, as well as a fun, engaging site for local and international students to enjoy.

It was an opportunity we couldn’t say no to, utilising our expert design and development skills to become strategic partners within the project. We worked closely alongside their team on every step of their journey, from brainstorming the initial ideas and concepts for the campus, to creating a global launch plan for the website.

We utilised a learning management system to allow a large amount of course content to be added by teachers, from entry-level courses all the way up to diploma-level. This was completed with unique, interactive video content to enhance the learning experience.

The Campus

The highlight of the site is the student campus – a hub of musical inspiration, creativity, performance, and education. Replicating the journey of a budding student, we wanted to create an all-in-one learning environment through interactive animations and immersive elements, capturing and keeping students’ attention through their learning process. In the Exhibition Hall, students can explore the partners and supporters of the project – discovering more about the history of the brands and their journeys to success. In the Bar, they can view live performances and attend interactive events with other students and tutors. Students can even submit their work for assessment and gain qualifications through the Assessment Room, after studying the resources in the Library.

Working with Music Learning Collective

Throughout the process of working with MLC, we’ve been able to develop professional partnerships that we hope to build on in the years to come. As a thank you for our hard work, we were even gifted an iconic Marshall fridge – custom-designed to look like a classic amp! It’s now taking pride of place in our kitchen and is a key talking point amongst our clients and office visitors! This has been an incredible project, and one we feel very lucky to have been involved in. We look forward to seeing where our collaboration will go next.

View the Project

Take a look at the finished project. If you want to find out how Studio Seventeen can help you build an immersive, interactive web experience get in touch today. We’ll be happy to help!

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