Over the past two weeks, Studio Seventeen has been working with the Grads4Nottm scheme to help a group of NTU students gain some hands-on experience on a task of our choosing.

We got to welcome Lit, Maggie and Kieran into our studio. The challenge; to build a bespoke desktop arcade machine for our studio. Combining technology, design and fun. After briefing them on the project and giving them a budget to stick to they got to work. From the initial sketches to the final concepts, the project has taken over our studio. We had such an amazing team who have created something better than we could have imagined and they came in on budget and on time… just!

With BA Hons Furniture and Product Design Graduate Lit working to build and produce a 3D cabinet for our games console to sit in, Games Production student Maggie applying Retro Pi to connect up our console and Graphic Design student Kieran creating the concept art for the cabinet, we ended up with an amazing piece of kit for our studio.

Meet our student team


Degree: BA Hons Furniture and Product Design Graduate

Role in the Process: 3D Modelling, using Sketch Up, brainstorming ideas, developing the manufacturing process, collaborating with the final design ideas, building the finishing process, helping to construct the cabinet.

Outside of the Office: I love basketball and snooker, and I want to do more gaming but I never seem to find the time!

Best Part of the Experience: Getting to actually experience building something useful, functional and unique, and working with a diverse skill set to create a one-of-a-kind product.



Degree: BA Graphic Design

Role in the Process: Designing the visual aesthetic of the cabinet, planning the colour and visual themes, developing the process of colouring and decorating the cabinet.

Outside of the Office: I like gaming and running – even if I haven’t gone on a run in a very long time!

Best Part of the Experience: Getting to experience the physical, hands-on elements of the project – again, it’s very different from my course.


Degree: BSC Games Production

Role In The Process: Technology, electronics, learning Retro Pi, connecting controllers, programming game.

Outside of the Office: I guess gaming and baking! I’m planning to bring a big batch of my homemade brownies into the office to say thank you to Studio Seventeen!

Best Part of the Experience: The new experiences with new technologies, which a lot more hands-on in regards to electronics. It’s made a nice change to my course, which is very computer-based.


And to finally reveal what two weeks of dedication, hard work and teamwork has created…

Presenting: ACCESS (Arcade Cabinet Created Exclusively for Studio Seventeen). Lit, Maggie and Kieran have worked extremely hard over just two weeks to design, program, build and decorate an arcade cabinet for our studio. We couldn’t be happier with the result and will ensure ACCESS feels right at home in our studio! We’re extremely proud of our students and wish them all the best for the future.

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