For Studio Seventeen, 2018 was an amazing year. Over the past 12 months, we worked with an array of clients, took on some new members of staff and created some of our best pieces of work!

Last January, we started by rearranging our studio to make the most of our creative space. After taking on some great projects for the first half of the year, we then attended some interesting workshops across Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, including marketing, letterpress and risograph. One of our interns, Natalie, worked on creating videos for Studio Seventeen, as well as setting up her own project, Women of Nottingham, which was featured across the region.

As spring and summer finally came around, we delved deep into refreshing our portfolio. Some of our new projects included the rebranding of Talbott’s and a new website for Nottingham City Guitars.

Studio Seventeen became busier than ever, delving deeper into the world of print. We began offering creative internships to give students experience working on real projects in a busy studio, and Gareth was even invited to talk to students at Nottingham College.

Autumn brought around the best part of our year. With the help of illustrator Rosie Elston, we designed and painted the perfect magical mural for our dart board. We then created a chill out and gaming space, and along with that came a new kitchen area and – hot water!!

Finally, December rolled around and we worked hard to tick off everything on our clients’ Christmas wishlist. We enjoyed a festive meal at one of our favourite, and closest clients – The Angel Microbrewery, conveniently located right cross the road from us!

We’ve got so much to look forward to over the next year, from new team members across Nottingham to growing clients and exciting new projects to keep us occupied. We want to thank everyone who has supported our studio throughout the past year, and we can’t wait to see what lies in store for us.

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