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Studio Seventeen is a sustainable creative agency in the heart of Nottingham. We are a versatile team who are dedicated to bringing create ideas to life and delivering our clients the best results. Our services range from website design and development to branding and graphic design.

Studio Seventeen have a long history of working with students and interns, offering work experience placements and internships tailored to your skillset. If you have razor-sharp attention to detail, know your serifs from your sans-serifs and your Photoshop from your InDesign, we’re more than happy to invest our time into individuals starting out their careers. We know how hard it is to get into the creative industry, so an internship with Studio Seventeen can provide invaluable experience to strengthen your portfolio and CV. 


Internships generally can last from a couple of weeks up to 2 or 3 months. As they tend to be for college or university students, they are designed to fit in with holiday periods. Most are summer internships, but there are also Easter internships and winter internships potentially. We usually try and get around 8-10 days of time with you. This would be split up over the time you are available. For example, 1 day a week for 2 months.

The idea of an internship is that it lets Studio Seventeen train you and find out what kind of a worker and person you are. As we are a creative agency there could be a number of things that you may get involved with, from helping you with your CV or portfolio or even getting involved with our current projects. We can also help you with software training and teach you about branding, marketing and website design and development.

An internship can help your CV stand out, it will give you practical work experience in the field you want to go into, and can therefore help when you’re looking for a graduate job. If you impress at the internship there is a chance that Studio Seventeen may offer you a graduate position anyway, so you won’t have to search for a job after you graduate.

Alternatively, the experience, and the fact that you have been accepted to do an internship, and have completed it, shows other prospective employers that you are committed to a career in that area.

It depends on a lot of things – but primarily on how you answer the application form. We will look at your work and discuss your answers, and if we feel you would be a good fit for an internship we would invite you to an informal chat where we can meet you in person. If we feel that we would like to offer you an internship we can arrange some dates when you could start.

Internships can be hard to get as lots of people apply for them. Obviously, the more competition there is for a limited number of internship placements, the harder it will be to get. Be thorough when applying and give us good reasons why we should choose you.

Internship Application

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What Our Interns Say

I like what Studio Seventeen stands for regarding being an independent, creative and inspiring company, and it really shows that if you work hard enough and focus, you can make things happen for yourself (plus the studio space is pretty amazing and all the free coffee is a bonus!).

I was instantly drawn to Studio Seventeen’s design style and work ethic. The company is a creative and inspiring place to complete my internship, hosting an amazing studio space with approachable and friendly designers. I was drawn to their work as soon as I found them and took a direct interest to their branding-based projects!

We can expertly design anything from a logo through to a complete website

We develop brands that produce results, and websites rich in user experience

We can promote your business online using the latest digital tools and best practices

We can provide valuable support for your website, brand positioning and strategy