What Print Finish Should I Choose to Boost my Brand?

What Print Finish Should I Choose to Boost my Brand? Studio Seventeen (collage of magazines and journals)

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Chloe Morris

Chloe Morris

Graphic Designer

From business cards to brochures, we offer high-quality and unique printed products that will make your business stand out.

Here at Studio Seventeen, we’re proud of our work in the digital spheres, and we love creating the right brand for our web clients. But did you know we also provide an exceptional level of print and paper products as well?

As discussed in our previous blog post, Print is Dead and Other Design Myths, we know that businesses in 2018 are far from eradicating print advertising in their marketing strategies. Paper promotional materials are still one of the most popular forms of commercial distribution, as more and more companies use them to enhance public awareness of their business.

From the smallest business card to the glossiest brochure, high-quality print materials can help to represent and extend your digital branding in a number of different textures, finishes and laminations…which is where we come in! Working with a number of leading paper suppliers, such as GF Smith and Fedrigoni, our design work is brought to life with high-quality materials to create beautiful and unique printed marketing products.


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What is Lamination?

A laminated finish is a thin layer of plastic, covering printed items to add a layer of protection to delicate or easily damaged materials. Applied through a process of heat transfer, lamination can create a smooth and liquid resistant coating, helping to protect the printed product through Gloss, Satin or Matt finishes.

What are the Benefits of Lamination?

Not only can a laminated finish add a longer life value to your printed product, it can also add a decorative coating to a rough or easily scuffed cover material. Creating a polished and professional outer layer, the different styles of lamination allow for a variety of unique finishes on booklets, business cards, covers and posters.


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What is Foiling?

A popular finish, with a number of different application styles, foiling is where thin metallic materials are stamped or inked onto the surface of the printed product. Using a heated metal die and stamping machines, the metallic foil is pressed directly onto the print, revealing a shiny, reflective and smooth pattern or font.

What are the Benefits of Foiling?

Foiling helps to create a variety of different styles and finishes on any number of print products – from wedding invitations to business brochures. As it comes with a big selection of shades and reflective finishes, foiling can add a sophisticated and stylish edge to a standard printed product.

Spot Varnish

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What is Spot Varnishing?

A spot varnish, usually found in book covers and publication jackets, is where select portions of the printed product are varnished – with the rest of the surface left matte by comparison.

What are the Benefits of Spot Varnishing?

Alongside the aesthetic appeal of spot varnishing, the protective layer of varnish can help to keep particular areas of the surface clean and dry, such as lettering, signatures, images and logos.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and Debossing

What is Embossing and Debossing?

Typically used on business cards and cover pages, an embossed or debossed finish works to raise lettering off the surface, or press it into the material – contributing to a unique 3D effect finish.

What are the Benefits of Embossing and Debossing?

Embossing and debossing on printed materials is a tactile and appealing finish, as it adds a new dimension of depth into the print. It can also be used to highlight particular words, numbers or letters for additional brand styling.

Die Cutting


What is Die Cutting?

Die-cutting is the process where shapes are cut out from printed materials, leaving behind the under layer of material – usually in a contrasting colour the top layer. Using a sharpened die or a printing press, this technique is usually applied to packaging materials, stationery or business cards.

What are the Benefits of Die Cutting?

The die-cut finish can be very appealing to create bespoke or textured designs for printed products, adding depth to a flat piece of print. It can also allow for a range of colours and materials to be used in both the top and under layer of the design – making for a memorable printed finish.

I Don’t Care – I Just Want it Cheap!

Going for the cheapest online printer may be financially beneficial, but there are implications on the back of this, and how it can reflect on your business. For a start, most commercial online printers will not offer a ‘wet proof’, which is a chance to see a proof of the artwork printed on the stock of your choosing. Imagine ordering a thousand brochures at a great price, only to find that one of the photos is too dark, or the text is not readable. Different paper stocks and finishes affect the distribution of colour massively, so a proof is invaluable.

Secondly, online printers have a limited and set range of things they can produce, whereas a specialist printer can offer a wide range of print finishes, processes and paper stock, as well as valuable technical know-how. Investing in a printer that can offer hard proofs and dummies of how it will look may save you money, and face, in the long run!

Our printing services can help brands who are struggling to make those tricky digital connections, and encourage them to engage with their customers on a much more visceral level. High-end printed marketing materials can bring a brand to life, and allow consumers to touch, feel and carry around a small piece of your business with them – spreading the word without ever needing to speak.

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Print Services at Studio Seventeen

Whether you want a silver foil embossed event invitation, a rich and thickly cut leather surface business card, or a painted edge letterpressed menu, we can deliver.

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