The Five Most Unpopular Website Features of 2022

The Seven Most Unpopular Website Features of 2022 | Studio Seventeen

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Chloe Morris

Chloe Morris

Graphic Designer

Tired of Google thinking you’re a robot? Or landing on a web page and facing a myriad of pop-ups?

When interacting with a website, there are a few features that can provide a bad user experience. When used incorrectly, these can negatively impact your brand reputation and overall feel for your business. Here are a few examples of unpopular website features that may be deterring your users.


Many people may think pop-ups are a great way to engage website visitors and force them to read content or sign up to their mailing list. However, this is often not the case and usually causes more frustration and annoyance to the user experience. On a mobile, the experience can become even more cumbersome and the bounce rate can rise as a result. It’s always best to embed the popup content – whether that be a newsletter sign up or a call to action – in a place that the user will expect to find it, and giving them the option of engaging with it naturally.

Long Cookie Notices

Cookie policies are now required by GDPR laws, and many websites will offer a prompt to accept or reject. However, when the process of rejecting all but essential cookies involves having to make a tedious trip through multiple clicks to switch cookie trackers on and off, things can get confusing and put mistrust in your website. Although it’s good to be offered a choice, when users see this on every website they visit, they often just want to get rid of the prompt with a simple ‘accept’ or ‘reject’, so make it easy for them to make that decision in one click.

Live Chat Widgets

This can be hit or miss. It’s great to be able to engage with users of your website directly and gain more enquiries. However, when this is implemented with chat boxes that obscure every page, users can become annoyed and frustrated, especially when they are obviously bots with automated answers. If your website is large enough to have a real online instant message service, live chat widgets can be helpful for engagement when implemented properly. Otherwise, they are often more of a hindrance.

Autoplaying Sounds

Where’s that music coming from?!” How many times have you gone to a web page and music has started playing? It can be even more annoying when you can’t find the source of the sound on the page! Not only is this terribly irritating, but it’s a thumbs down for accessibility and user experience as well. Having sound autoplaying can deter users fast, because the quickest way to stop the music is to close your website!

Too Much Animation

With the trend of slick web animations over the last couple of years, movement within websites can be a great asset to a website experience. When used too much, however, they can become dizzying, distracting and overwhelming to the user, not to mention they can often increase loading times and perform poorly on mobile devices. Choosing style over substance can have a negative impact on the user experience, so it’s best to use animation subtly and smartly. It’s always best to do your consumer research and know your target audience to evaluate their needs and expectations.

Wrap Up: Know Your Audience

It’s really important to know your target audience and put yourself in their shoes when designing and developing a website. Don’t distract them with hard-to-find content or pop-ups that don’t go away.

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