Our Top Five Logos Of The Past Ten Years

Our Top Five Logos Of The Past Ten Years | Studio Seventeen

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Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts

Creative Director

Ever wondered how brand logos progress and develop over time? Let’s take a look at some of the most recognisable logos from the past decade, and how they remain relevant today.

1. MTV (2010) by Jen Epstein

MTV Logo | Studio Seventeen

MTV is known for their unusual rebrands, and you may remember seeing wacky animations in between shows on tv, along with an equally provocative logo. Since then, MTV has stripped back to a more simple and practical design. Keyton, who headed the 2010 concept, advised that the previous eclectic identity may become lost in today’s cluttered visual landscape, and proposed the new 2010 concept. Its purpose was to communicate a more consistent and visually unified logo, something bold and different to tie in with their new direction in television.

2. Uber (2018) by Wolf Ollins

Uber Logo | Studio Seventeen

Jump back to 2016 and you might remember this disastrous rebrand. What was supposed to mimic a bit and an atom, left the public confused and unimpressed. Along with bad press on the rise, Uber needed to re- rebrand. Two years later and Uber released a completely refreshed identity; elegant, systematic typography designed by Wolf Ollins. Keeping in with the company’s ‘bit-atom’ ideology, Ollins’ concept included square based grid systems to inspire a bespoke typeface, representing the bit, and warm humanity-conscious brand photography contrasting seamlessly to represent the atom.

3. Twitter (2012) by Martin Grasser

Twitter Logo | Studio Seventeen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should all know and recognise Twitter’s infamous bird logo. Starting as a one-day project for designer Linda Gavin, the logo has remained pretty consistent since its popularity increased. Grasser took inspiration from the 2006 logo and produced a new streamlined version – the one we still see across the internet today. The recent graduate utilised 15 layered circles to design a geometrically precise illustration; everything about Grasser’s logo was quite literally perfect.

4. Premier League (2016) by DesignStudio

Premier League Logo | Studio Seventeen

Whilst many are attached to the original full lion logo with associated sponsor branding, the new and updated design provides a clean-cut, more modern style without the use of external branding. Isolating the more detailed lion figure to a simple vector of just the head and pretty basic sans-serif typography, this logo holds much greater adaptability to web and app based applications. In addition, losing the sponsorship branding will boost Premier League’s brand identity indefinitely, and continues to clearly convey their messaging of strength, courage and nobility represented still by the lion. Overall a far more accessible design for their audience that will improve their brand recognition and keep their online presence consistent with relevant styles in today’s design scope.

< 5. Mercedes-Benz (2009) by Gottlieb Daimler

Mercedes Benz Logo | Studio Seventeen

Mercedes-Benz has had one of the most consistent logo histories for over a century. From 1916 to current day, the iconic three pointed star has remained a prominent symbol for the automotive company. Over time, and with increased brand recognition, the design has been refined several times. In 1933 the logo became its most minimal iteration; a flat black vector with no wordmark. Today we see a smaller metallic symbol sat alongside the company name in a classic typeface. Gottlieb Daimler, the creator of Mercedes first three point star logo, predicted it would become the world’s most famous corporate identity back in 1916. 106 years later, it’s safe to say he was right.Logos have always been a staple of iconic branding and it’s important to find the right icon to represent your business.

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