Our Environmental Goals

Studio Seventeen's Sustainability Pledge

As a sustainable creative design agency, we care about the environment and take responsibility for our environmental impact. Studio Seventeen is committed to becoming more sustainable in what we use and produce. We work in partnership with our clients to provide websites, printed material and design solutions that are environmentally-conscious and as sustainable as possible. We always strive to learn, grow and change the way we work for the better.
Sustainability | Studio Seventeen

Our Changes So Far

We believe that every business should take responsibility for the products they produce and consume, from the brand of coffee they drink to the product they create. In our studio, we understand the importance of impactful, direct changes and we’ve undertaken the following measures to help reduce our carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of our working space.
  • Establishing a sustainable mindset within our working environment
  • Reducing our consumption of single-use products and recycling in accordance with Nottingham City Council’s current policies
  • Ensuring our websites are accessible and optimised to reduce loading times
  • Sourcing products locally or from sustainable sources wherever possible
  • Working with our clients to offer sustainable printed assets
  • Migrating our current websites over to a hosting provider powered by renewable energy

Our Future Measures

Whilst we are actively working to create a sustainable business model, some of the changes we need to make may take longer than others. Where possible, we are aiming to be sustainable by using up our existing products before purchasing a new, eco-friendly alternative. This way we are reducing our consumption as a company. The following are just some of the measures we are striving to achieve over the coming months.

  • Choosing products for the office that are sustainable and environmentally friendly (e.g. cleaning products, soap, coffee beans)
  • Assessing the lifecycle of our websites and ensuring they are as fast, accessible and efficient as possible
  • Moving toward becoming carbon neutral by offsetting our carbon footprint as a business
Sustainability | Studio Seventeen

Within Our Community

As a proud member of the Nottingham small business community, we’re always working to improve our connection with other local businesses and initiatives. Working with Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainability Team, we are curating a sustainable business that aims to put both the client and the environment first. In line with Nottingham City Council’s Net Zero plans, we are collaborating with our fellow creatives to help shape Nottingham into a ‘Green City’.

What Our Clients Say

We had a really positive experience in working with Studio Seventeen to design, develop and launch our new company website. The team were responsive and really helped us to work through our design and content priorities. The new website adds significant functionality over our old one.

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sustainability, Studio Seventeen
sustainability, Studio Seventeen
sustainability, Studio Seventeen

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